Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Weight Loss Exercise

The pushups help you to lose the flab on the chest…
Start pumping iron and build muscles; it will surely help to lose weight…
Why don’t you run on the treadmill? It helps to get rid of the extra fat…
These are some of the advices that regularly trickle in the ears of overweight or obese people and boy they just get more and more confused. Exercise, the word itself raises a lot of eyebrows as there are people who have tried their hands at many, but failed to lose even a pound. Even if there are a few exercises that help us to lose weight in the first few days of the workout but then the body weight becomes stagnant! We neither lose nor do we gain weight!
How do we choose the best weight loss exercise?
We all are aware of the fact that physical exercise surely helps us to lose a weight and reduce the extra fat on the body. You have to know what your body requires and what the real reason behind your body fat is. It is no use in exercising without a proper exercise structure and weight loss goal that you want to achieve. The best weight loss program does not mean that you run on the treadmill for endless hours or even swimming in the pool; all you need to do is find out the one that you would really proves to be effective in cutting down your body flab.
Have you ever though what you enjoy doing the most while still on the move? Do not answer that you love to munch on your French fries while watching a match between NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox; you have to answer the activity where your body is on the move. For instance, there are many who would love to play golf or even take a walk in the park with their pet dog. Activities like this require your body to move and do a little exercise, so why not use them as your best weight loss exercise. Yes, you can use your short evening walk to lose weight. How do you do that? Simple, just try to walk a little fast with your dog or finishing all the 18 holes in your golf course without using the golf cart. This way you sweat it out while not getting bored of your weight loss activity. Even a game of backyard basketball with your kid can result in considerable weight loss if you get involved in it regularly.
Regular activities like walking and playing on the beach can help you lose the extra weight on your body. One thing that must be clear to you- weight loss is not restricted to sweating it out on the treadmill alone, even general regular physical activity can give you the desired weight loss. Best weight loss exercise can be found in the way you lead your life while performing your daily activities. Why search for weight loss exercises? You are already in the regime boy!


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  2. Wow! I love this! I should def. start to think like that. I know there's lots of things I do on a daily base that can help me lose weight. If I eat better and walk more I probably will loose some of the weight I want!

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