Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big Reasons To Lose Weight

If you are overweight then you're constantly reminded every time you look in the mirror, however being overweight isn't about just looking bad it's really about bad health. When you pack on those pounds they can also pack on physical organ and metabolic stress which causes disease and premature aging. When you are sitting at rest you may not even think about being overweight, however once you engage in strenuous activities organs like the heart and lungs have to work harder to supply your cells with oxygen. When this happens you get tired, short of breath or you may even have a heart attack! The more extra weight on your body the harder it is for your organs to do their job.Here are 2 health risks attributed to being overweight:* Cancer - Statistics have shown then people who are overweight have almost double the amount of cancerous cells in their body than people who are in a healthy weight range. Cancer thrives in low oxygen environments and obese people have more of these environments in their bodies. Why? Extra fat tissue causes a reduction in blood flow (blood carries o2 to tissues) and lowers lung/heart capabilities, thus giving way to a low o2 environment.* Type II Diabetes - If you've developed Type II Diabetes then you're probably already aware that you're overweight. In fact an astonishing 80% of those who are obese will develop this deadly form of diabetes. I say deadly, because if Type II Diabetes is not managed properly it will kill you. Obesity isn't just about looking bad, it can be a silent killer

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