Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Learn About Natural Healthy Skin Care

Boy did I learn a valuable lesson. The steps necessary for natural healthy skin care are relatively easy and logical. One of the most important, especially for fair-skinned people, is to use caution when you are out in the sun.
We all love the great outdoors, but the sun and wind play havoc with our appearance. After it was learned that overexposure to the sun can cause skin cancer, over a dozen different sunscreens hit the market. Only a couple of them were ever tested for safety.
The SPF ratings are misleading. The number only indicates how much longer you can stay out in the sun without burning. If you normally burn in 10 minutes and the SPF rating is 20, you can stay out for 30 minutes. If you stay out longer, you need to reapply the sunscreen.
Some women’s makeup, moisturizers and cleansers contain sunscreens. There are even a few nighttime creams that contain them. What’s the point of that? There is none.
In all actuality, the regular use of sunscreen is not a part of natural healthy skin care. Wearing a hat, sunglasses and protective clothing is. Makeup containing a sunscreen would not be effective all day. So, again, what’s the point? There is none.
These are simply advertising gimmicks that the cosmetic companies have come up with to sell more products. Researchers have proven that there is a higher, not a lower, incidence of malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, among regular sunscreen users. The US FDA has made a statement about how sunscreens do not guarantee that your health is protected.
Research has shown that some of the sunscreens, particularly those that are derived from the cancer-causing benzene, do damage to cellular DNA that can mutate it into a cancer cell. Does any of this sound like natural healthy skin care?
If you are a woman and you want to wear makeup, look for one that contains minerals, like zinc oxide. It is actually one of the most effective sun blocks available. With broad spectrum action, it could really be beneficial.
Everyone needs a good cleanser, but avoid anything that contains ethylene oxide. Look for the ones that contain olive oil and other plant-based ingredients.
After cleansing or makeup removal, you need to use a moisturizer. A moisturizer is one of the most important parts of natural healthy skin care, regardless of your complexion type. Cleansers strip natural oils and can stimulate excess production of sebum. So, a moisturizer is good for oily and dry complexions. It just needs to contain the right ingredients.
The right ingredients are plant-based oils and extracts. Grape seed oil is excellent for daytime use. Avocado extract and Shea butter are a perfect combination for nighttime use. Every once in a while, use a deep cleansing mask that contains clay extracts and bentone gel, especially if you have a problem with oiliness.
You see. Natural healthy skin care isn’t hard and doesn’t require the use of lots of expensive product. You can get away with just a cleanser and a moisturizer, as long as you are careful about the ingredients.
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