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http://wisenepal.co.ccrecipes, including vegetarian options and suggestions for kids with dietary considerations like lactose intolerance, celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, and diabetes. - [Read more about Recipes - KidsHealth]
Kids Stuff
This site features a large variety of many different recipes to choose fun for children. Whether you are wanting to make something fun for your child to enjoy, or your child wants to try their hand at making a fun and tasty meal, you will find the recipe that is just what you are looking for here. Exciting recipes like Ants On a Log and Mississippi Mud Ice Cream Pie can be enjoyed by the entire family. Each scrumptious recipe lists the ingredients needed with step by step instructions.
Nutrition Explorations for Kids
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ An interactive kid's nutrition site filled with games, activities, fun recipes, and a panel to help kids learn about healthy eating and staying active. Kids will also learn about the Five Food Groups, and the Food Guide Pyramid. - [Read more about Nutrition Explorations for Kids]
VMC Behavioral HealthCare Services
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ Global provider of employee assistance, work/life, and managed behavioral healthcare programs. VMC's EAP is uniquely designed to provide companies the opportunity to help employees resolve the wide array of personal problems that arise in the workplace. In assisting employees resolve their problems, EAP's maximize job performance, reduce absenteeism, and decrease the use of medical benefits - [Read more about VMC Behavioral HealthCare Services]
Kids Health http://wisenepal.co.cc/
Kids Health has an assortment of recipes for kids to try out for themselves (some require the help of an adult.) There is a variety of foods to choose from and each has detailed instructions as well as nutritional facts. This website also has special recipes for children with diseases including diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and lactose intolerance. - [Read more about
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ This site has tons of recipes for kids and parents to try out together. From smoothies to snacks to baked goods, this site has recipes of all kinds. It is not only recipes though. It provides many tips for parents on how to teach their kids to cook as well as how to get them to try new things. The recipes for picky eaters really stand out because many kids don't like to eat healthy foods such as vegetables. The recipes in that section find ways to stealthily get children to eat their veggies.
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ This is the official site for the popular children's tv show, Zoom. It contains many recipes for snacks, drinks, main courses and desserts. Many of the recipes are the ones that were aired in some episodes of the show. A lot of these recipes are very unique and fun, but at the same time nutritious. Examples include fruit pizza, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and bunny salad.
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ Visit a virtual West Cork village and learn about food. Includes the food pyramid and food labels, facts from around the world, movies about how foods are made, and games and puzzles.
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ A good collection of recipes specially for kids including cookies, desserts, breakfasts and drinks. A list nutrition based recipes for kids. - [Read more about

http://wisenepal.co.cc/ Classroom cooking where kindergarten students can experience cooking, first hand with single serving recipes. Could be used to keep children busy on a rainy day.
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ Pediatrician's guide to children's health and safety. Includes parenting advice and online forum, baby name finder, and information on immunization, nutrition, growth, and development. -
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ Accompanies the public television series for ages 8 to 18, with recipes from both seasons and a video of one entire show.
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ The Children's Nutrition Research Center (CNRC) is dedicated to defining the nutrient needs of children, from conception through adolescence, and the needs of pregnant women and nursing mothers. Scientific data from the Center will enable healthcare providers and policy advisors to make dietary recommendations that will improve the health of today's children and that of generations to come.
http://www.wisenepal.co.cc/ UK organisation to improve the nutrition of school meals, providing news, information, guidance, resources, resources and research. - [Read more about http://wisenepal.co.cc/ Answers kids' questions on health issues, and recommends ways to make their bodies and minds healthier, stronger, and safer. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ A very nice document, from abelard, on the relationship between loud noise and ear damage, with particular reference to young people and loud music. - [Read more about
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ Kid'sRecipes.aspx Sample recipes from the "Kid's Recipes for Success" cookbook, with which children can be encouraged to learn and enjoy basic cooking concepts.
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ This website is providing information to improve children's heart health by lowering cholesterol and heart disease risk through diet and nutrition.
A website devoted to fun recipes for kids including holiday and seasonal recipes, food for picky eaters, snacks, and treats. Easy and delicious recipes.
Her or him Easy to understand recipes are fun to make but they can also be used to introduce children to basic math skills, reading and comprehension.
A resource for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals who work with children who have anxiety disorders. Maintains a list of suggested readings and a treatment provider database.
This site has guidelines for health supervision of infants, children, and adolescents. Focuses on health promotion, disease prevention, development, and growth of children and teens. -
You can find information about health issues important to teens and health services available from many health and social service agencies in the Mahoning Valley.
This website is having very good resources, web links, and references which is related to parents, friends, and families of children who have or had childhood cancer. - [Read more about
The Association of Junior Leagues International offers tasty and nutritious recipes, with difficulty levels on each, to identify when adult supervision is needed.
Recipes children can make and enjoy, including seasonal recipes. This another website brought to you by CopyKat.com. We love to put together recipes for kids. -
you can learn why milk is important with games, puzzles, mazes, and stories. Download a coloring book or a booklet with meal and snack ideas. (Downloads require Adobe Reader.
This organization gives adolescent girls reliable, current health information. The site focuses on adolescent girls' health concerns and motivates girls to choose healthy behaviors. -
For adolescents and educational institutions. Informative health topics regarding tobacco and drug use, high risk behavior fact sheets, and tools and strategies for providing healthy environments in schools.
This website is sharing information on school performance problems, weight management, scoliosis, puberty, short stature, smoking, drinking, and building self esteem. -
This website shares ways through which young people learn everything they need to know about growing up, and families learn how to talk about it. -
An article by Russell Scheffer, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, who is studying the effects of medications on bipolar children.
http://wisenepal.co.cc/ site which is having very good information on specific childhood cancers including an annotated directory of related links.
Free site featuring the Traffic Light Diet, links to Dr. John La Puma's recipes and resources, and current medical research on treating and preventing pediatric obesity. - [Read more about
This site is having diet resources, weight loss tips, and information on the psychological impact of obesity on teens and what parents can be able to do to help their children. - [Read more about
foodforthought/0207.html Recipes for Pyramid Yogurt Sundae and Stuffed Apple, as well as games to play to learn the Food Pyramid, and fun exercices to keep children fit. Article from the University of Illinois Extension.
Recipes that you and your children can make together. Tips on how to put kids to work helping with family meals in a safe, clean, and fun way.
Information resources, workshops, and products on building resilience in children and teens. Includes several publications on this strength-based approach to education, prevention and treatment of mental illness.
Provides evaluations and treatment plans for children with a variety of developmental disabilities and associated learning and behavioural difficulties. Located in County Wexford, Ireland.
Helping victims of mind control. Defines a cult - stating not all are religion based. Links to cult awareness groups and resources. Steven Hassan, author of Combatting Cult Mind Control. -

Working to raise the standard of care and improve access to services for traumatized children, their families, and communities throughout the United States.
program established by the United States Department of Agriculture to help implement the School Meals Initiative for Healthy Children. Offers recipe and meal planning resources, reports, food safety information, discussion groups, and a directory of chefs willing to volunteer at schools.
Designed to help the transition from pediatric to adult health care for adolescents with special health care needs. This site is a resource for information, materials, and links.
Abstinence Wait-training And Relationship Education offers information for teens on healthy sexual behavior. Includes abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, FAQs, and answers to personal questions by email. -
Dedicated to educating and empowering adolescents to make responsible decisions regarding their wellness, sexuality, and reproductive health. Ask questions, health facts for teens and parents
Provides health and mental health services to young men and women, ages 11-21, general health information, support and advice for the young adult and their family.

T his website is delivering very good information provided about pediatric cancers, treatments, prevention, resources, clinical trials, statistics, testing, and screening.
Good nutrition related information for parents and children. offering classes and workshops, nutrition consulting, cooking demonstrations, recipe development, food and nutrition writing. - Diaries of four fictional teenagers touched by mental illness. Factsheets, helpline, and information on mental illness including schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety disorders.
Articles and parenting tips on newborns, infants, toddlers, preschool age, school age and adolescent children.

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