Thursday, September 3, 2009

10 Easy Exercises To Help You Lose Weight

Exercising is very important, not only for losing weight but also good for your health. To burn fat effectively, you need to move. Moving a little won't help at all! You need to move your body in a way that will cause you to sweat a lot and burn more calories!

Too busy to exercise? You don't even need to spend 2 or 3 hours daily in a gym. Can't afford to buy exercising equipments? You don't need to spend a fortune investing in that latest exercising gadgets. Here are some free and safe exercises to help you lose weight naturally...

Before you begin any exercises, you need to stretch! When stretching, make sure that all movements are smooth and gradual. Never force a stretch that causes pain or discomfort. You might injure a muscle or tendon!

Situps And Crunches
Situps and crunches are one of best exercises you can do at home to lose weight and they are really easy to do too.
To make it more comfortable and effective, get something like a tower to support your neck. If you don't like the idea doing crunches on the floor, get an exercising

Push Ups
Doing push ups correctly is very important and it will help tone up your chest, shoulders and arms.
If you're not used to doing push ups, start with lower set such as 10 times then gradually increase the intensity.

Dancing is a fun way to burn fat. Just play your favourite tunes and dance your fat away!
Spend at least 30 minutes dancing everyday and you will burn some fat while having fun!
You can even watch one of your favourite music videos and dance along with it. If you're brave and you want to try something wacky, try parapara dance!

Jump rope or skipping rope is NOT only for children, so don't feel embarrased to use it.
It's cheap, light, easy to carry around and most importantly, fun! Skipping can not only help burn some fat but also shape and tone to your arms and legs. Try skipping today, you will love it!

Cycling is really relaxing, effective and best of all, a no impact exercise for losing weight.
If you don't have time or find it inconvenient to cycle outside, get a stationary exercise bike.

Just like cycling, if you don't mind going to a swimming club or if you have your own swimming pool, this no impact, high intensity exercise can really help you lose weight and make your body tougher.
Try swimming for an hour everyday and your body will not only look better, but also stronger and more energetic.

Walking is really fun, easy and better than jogging and running as they are both high impact exercises. If you walk long enough, you will start to feel some muscles tensing up in your abdominal area.
You can walk in any place you like: the shopping center, park or even around your neighborhood. Try walking at least 30 minutes a day.
If you find that you spend a large portion of your time sitting down, it's time to stand up and start walking more!

Trimming Your Thighs
Find a sturdy chair and sit on the edge or simply lie down on your exercise mat. Slowly straighten and lift your left leg, hold that position for 5 seconds. Lower your left leg slowly and move on to your right leg. Do the same thing. Repeat this exercise for 10 to 15 times.

Dumb-bell Exercises
There are many good exercises that use dumb-bells to lose weight such as the Dumbbell Squat, Dumbbell Lunge, Dumbbell Bench Press and Bent-over Dumbbell Row.
Don't have any dumbells? Use vegetable and soup cans instead! They may not be as heavy as dumb-bells but they can be really intense if your repeat the amount of exercise you do!
For example, instead of lifting 15 times with a dumbbell, try lifting a vegetable can 50 times!
10 Easy Exercises To Help You Lose Weight.

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