Thursday, September 3, 2009

What kind of aerobics would help?

Aerobics are primarily of two kinds, higher and lower impact ones. It’s recommended that you keep alternating between both the high impact ones and low impact ones. While the former include weight loss exercises which are harsh on the body and cause slight damage, the latter are simply like swimming, walking. This type of a regiment is called cross training, and it helps avoid injury chances and overburdening of some muscles.

It is highly suggested that you perform these aerobics exercises for a minimum of twenty minutes daily for a minimum of four days a week. If your main aim is either to lose fat or to stay fit when in a good physical condition, you may want to increase the schedule of your workout, at around half-an-hour for about five-six days a week.

Keep in mind that the situation doesn’t demand going over the top. Being moderately intense is beneficial and enjoyable for a fitness weight loss. In the initial days or when just out of some physical strain, or even if you are highly obese, starting on a slow note is always better.

Getting a good warm-up session prior to the exercise and cooling down post-exercise is very vital. It helps avoid the sudden strain on your body, which can be problematic in the later stages.The basic behind aerobics is to be physically fit and active. Try opting for an exercise which you enjoying doing, and will also be helpful to your body. Also, ensure that it keeps your heartbeat increased for a significantly long span of time for added benefit, and a healthy life.

To speed up the process of losing weight, try the cardio bit. This kind increases the rate of your heart, makes your lungs very strong and burns down calories. The cardio bit is functioned to help your body a great deal if followed for a meager four times in a week. Starting from the highly effective, the routine of cardio exercises given below can help you feel very active and energetic:

• Running: The energy required for running speeds up fitness weight loss, and it sheds huge amounts of calories. Compared to other forms of exercises, running burns much more calories. This is a free weight loss exercise program.

• Riding a bike: For an exercise soft on the body, riding a bike is a formidable option. Owing to a busy schedule, just riding a bike for daily work is a very good idea.

• Rowing machine: This is the BEST cardio equipment to build your upper body’s muscles and even your back. This light-impact exercise helps you get the required heart rate easily due to movement of the body parts.

• Walking: This is of a high impact with a fair pace, coupled with movement of the arm. If wanting for strength, try walking with belittle pinheads or fight of the wrists. This form can also be a free weight loss exercise program.

• Swimming: As already said swimming is very helpful. What’s more, it is effective on your whole body, and improves all the parts of your body and improves your flexibility and posture alike. It’s also good for strengthening your muscles. Besides, swimming also enhances the oxygen flow without getting the heart overburdened.

• Elliptical training: This is a light-impact exercise and thus, it stresses less on your joints. This is a good form of exercise when recovering from an injury and also for newbie people.

The rule of the thumb for cardio exercise is that it should increase your heartbeat for an elongated period of a minimum of twenty minutes. We here at want to help you with all the information available for you to plan the right fitness exercise program that will suit your body and time schedule.

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