Thursday, September 3, 2009

What weight loss exercise program should you follow?

The resistance fitness weight loss exercise is beneficial to everyone, irrespective of their age or gender, and is now known as a vital aspect of being fit. Studies also show that loss of muscle in old people comes from the absence of activity, and not from age. A young man, due to more activity, doesn’t lose many muscles, but lack of exercise can be disadvantageous for him. Strength exercises like weight-lifting and other exercises, performed only about 2 times weekly, can be ideal to shoot up the weight of the muscles.

Strength exercises have in them many repetitions, and merely using medium-weights will not do you any good to enhance muscles. Rather, it increases the weight of the bone and the metabolic rate, and tones the muscles, thus providing you with a lean look. So it’s mandatory to perform both the weight loss exercises of aerobics and strength. The former helps make the heart and the lungs strong, and makes your body use the oxygen very effectively, thus paving the way for full fitness of your body. The latter aids you in building the mass of your muscles and getting rid of excessive fat and weight of the bones.

Aerobic exercises are those that increase the heartbeat and the breathing rate for quite a long period. This puts enhanced pressure on the heart and the lungs and thus makes them labor much harder than other body parts.

Options are various to choose from. Some of these include aerobic dancing, walking, swimming, cycling, and the like. It all depends on your physical health about which of these exercises you should opt for. Even your goals and your history are a vital consideration. To get the most derived advantage, it is recommended to take benefits from both these worlds.

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